Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The next batch of five undertrials in the Coimbatore serial blasts case while submitting their plea on sentences told the Judge K. Uthirapathy on Wednesday that the entire case of the prosecution was bogus aimed at implicating the minority community through fabricated evidences and witnesses. They pleaded innocent.

The sixth accused found guilty of major charges, Abdul Ozir said that he had lost the prime period of his life in the prison for a simple reason that he had resorted to democratic forms of protest against the sangh parivar. The minority community was being targeted by the State and the police whereas those indicted by the Justice Liberhan Commission and Srikrishna Commission of inquiries and those reprimanded by the Supreme Court for sowing seeds of communal hatred across the country were not punished. He demanded the prosecution of those burnt the holy Kuran during the November 97 riots. Seventh accused Mohammed Ali Khan Kutty said he had no criminal antecedents or previous cases but the court concluded that they were guilty even in the absence of independent or neutral/natural witnesses. Siddiq Ali, the eighth accused, said he was implicated in the case because he was the son of Syed Ahmed Basha, who led Al-Umma.

A Hindutva movement was banned thrice but wanted to know what action had been taken against these outfits for promoting communal hatred. Oom Babu, the ninth accused in the case, said the large number of witnesses were interested or else intimidated and coerced. The biased attitude of police officers in repeatedly implicating the minorities in some case or the other led to the present state of affairs in the city, he said.

The tenth accused Zakir Hussain citing the Sachar Commission report said the minority in the community is the majority in the number of prisons across the country standing testimony to the attitude of the police towards minorities. The serial blasts case is where the sentence preceded the judgement referring to the prolonged detention in the name of trial.

He alleged non-compliance to legal norms and Criminal Procedure Code and alleged non-compliance to legal norms even in establishing a special court. The special court was nothing but the design of the police to have a secret trial within four walls. The courts and the media in this country went by what ever the police said.