S. Ganesan

TIRUCHI: ‘Himam Pasanth,’ a speciality of Thathachariar Gardens at Srirangam, and other mango varieties are likely to be dearer this season. Picking would commence in a week’s time from now.

The unseasonal rain during the flowering season in March might have affected the yield in most parts of the State, leading to the price rise. Traders here say prices of various varieties are ruling high by Rs.5 to 10 a kg. They, however, feel that prices could come down once arrivals pick up.

The delicious fruits from the Thathachariar gardens are much in demand across the country and even abroad.

The garden was established in 1943 and developed by S.R.V. Thatham, a recipient of the Krishi Pandit Award. Mangoes from the garden are known for their sweetness. Mr. Rangarajan of the Thathachariar gardens attributes it to the systematic and scientific farm practices. Organic manure is used largely and application of pesticides is minimal, he says.

A major variety grown in the garden is the Himam Pasanth, known as king of mangoes.

The succulent delicacy from the garden is much sought after with corporates making a rush to buy the fruits directly from the garden. People from far and wide visit the garden to buy the fruits during the season between May and June, leaving only a small quantity for the local market. Other varieties raised in the garden include Banganapalli, Bangalora, Jahangir, Rumani, Grape and Apple Pacharasi. Apart from mangoes, coconuts are also grown in large numbers. Of late, hybrid Amla is grown on a substantial area.