The termination of maintenance contract by the Tiruchi Corporation in three places (Civic services contract to be terminated, December 18) has laid bare the oft-repeated corporate mantra that privatisation is the panacea for all ills plaguing public services, especially civic services. The Corporation has done well taking upon itself the onerous task of conservancy maintenance in Gandhi Market and bus stands, as before when it was doing a commendable job for years. The TMC has shown the way for the rest of the services to follow suit like water and public utilities like electricity. Public memory is not short to recall that when all private electricity distribution services failed miserably during the 2007 heavy rain of 950 mm in Mumbai, the State-owned public limited company BSES was the only service provider to maintain electricity service, there.

A.V. Narayanan,

Thillai Nagar.

Cremation ground for pets needed

Pet animals need a cremation / burial ground in Tiruchi. Pets become a much-loved / affectionate family members. Now we throw away the pets to corporation dustbins while they die. Is it a humanitarian way to part this type of farewell to a family member? Just a few (2 or 3) acres of land will help us to pay them the homage. Stoning the dogs or throwing their dead bodies in dustbins are a refusal of dog’s rights. We the sixth sensed, refuse to accept or acknowledge their rights just because they are animals.


Ammayyappa Nagar.

Problem with free left

This is not the first time or rather an uncommon complaint that vehicles block the road which is supposedly “free" left. On November 22, one of the buses at the Head Post Office Signal blocked the road in such a way that it seemed I was driving in the wrong lane. When I requested the Traffic policeman to penalise such vehicles, he said I could file a complaint instead.

R. Neelesh Kumar,

Anna Nagar, Tennur.

Darshan cost

Devotees are baffled by the sudden increase in the cost of darshan ticket from “Santhanu Mandapam to Paramapadavasal and Muthangi” to a mind-boggling Rs. 2000 per head this year. Many devotees of Lord Ranganatha are poor and low/middle income group people. The HR&CE authorities, by increasing the cost, have prevented the entry of such people along with Namperumal through Paramapadavasal.

N. Rangarajan


Overcrowding at rations shops

In Crawford area, a couple of ration shops are functioning from the same building. Each shop is serving nearly 800 card holders. Before the building there is one thatched shed with one entry for both the ration shops. The card holders’ swarm these ration shops when essential commodities are disbursed. One of the shops may be shifted to a nearby building to avoid overcrowding.

H.Ghouse Baig,

Crawford Colony.

Laudable decision

The decision to supply through PDS essential commodities like toor dal, urad dal and oil is laudable and the people thank the Government. I suggest that supply of these commodities through PDS be made for specific 5 items on a particular day as per records maintained by them and spread over for 7 to 8 days depending on the number of cards attached to a shop, instead of on a particular day. Elderly people and physically disabled persons who are at present compelled to stand in queues for hours will be greatly relieved of stress and strain.


East Ambikapuram.

Supply problem

There is total disarray in the supply of raw rice and pulses in the fair price shops. Unless you are there at the shop at the right time on the day there items are distributed, you don’t get it. For the last three months raw rice was restricted to 5 kg a card. Last month, I was away for one day and lost my quota. All items on all days for all card holders is a mirage for us. Only Chennaites are taken care of.