World Kidney Day was observed at Thanjavur Medical College Hospital on Thursday. T.Rajendran, Professor, Nephrology department said that the theme of this year's World Kidney Day was “Stop Kidney Injury”.

R.Gopalakrishnan, consultant nephrologist, Maruthi Hospital, Tiruchi, said that senior citizens, children and diabetics run the risk of getting acute kidney disease, which may deteriorate into chronic kidney injury. Proper diagnosis and treatment are needed.

Urine analysis is one way of diagnosis. Progression of kidney failure may be prevented by fluid restriction and potassium management. Dr.Kandasamy, consultant nephrologist spoke on ‘Urinalysis’.

S.Muthukumaran, chairperson of the Continuing Medical Education programme and Shankaranarayanan of Thanjavur Medical College also spoke. A quiz programme for postgraduate and undergraduate students was also held.

At a function organised by Lions Club of Thanjavur Ancient City to mark the World Kidney Day, N.Mohandas, nephrologist, called for taking preventive steps to avoid kidney diseases, as treatment involves heavy cost. Annual kidney check–up helps in early diagnosis.

Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes should take precautionary measures . He released a booklet on prevention of kidney diseases on the occasion.

Mohammed Rafi, former assistant governor of Lions district, received the copy.

  • World Kidney Day observed at Thanjavur Medical College Hospital

  • Quiz programme for students held