The Puducherry Pollution Control Committee (PPCC) has strictly prohibited bursting of sound-emitting firecrackers at the ‘silence zones’ in Puducherry.

As per an order issued by the PPCC, hospitals, religious places, educational institutions, court buildings or notified places have been classified as silence zones and that that no one can burst sound-emitting firecrackers in the close vicinity of such places.

Prohibited noise levels

The PPCC said that as per the interim direction of the Supreme Court, manufacture, sale or use of firecrackers generating noise-level exceeding 125 db (A) at 4 meters distance and joined crackers exceeding 125 db (A) from the point of bursting had been strictly prohibited.

Similarly, bursting of firecrackers is not allowed between 10 pm and 6 am. The Supreme Court had also directed that firecrackers should not be used at any time in the silence zone.

The direction of the Supreme Court would be strictly implemented as bursting firecrackers might result in a number of ill-effects such as insomnia, heart disease, mental disorientation, hypertension and visual impairment.

Similarly, aged people, pregnant women, heart patients, asthma patients and infants were the commonly-affected people due to noise pollution.