Most parts of district go without power for ten to 12 hours

The combination of long hours of power outage and scorching heat has made the life of people in Erode district miserable and crippled industrial activities.

Despite the assurance from the government and Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco), the power crisis has worsened and most parts of the district now experience power cuts ranging from ten to 12 hours.

Apart from the daily load-shedding period of six hours, unannounced power cuts ranging from 30 minutes to two hours a day has put people and industries under severe stress. The worst-affected are students preparing for public examinations.

“Frequent disruptions in power supply during night hours have forced the students to study by candlelight. We are not able to complete the household works in time due to long hours of power cuts,” complains R. Gayathri, a resident in Sakthi Nagar.

The prolonged interruption in electricity supply has taken a heavy toll on the agriculture and textile sectors that provide employment to a large number of people in the district.

Farmers complain that they are not able to operate the motor pumpsets continuously.

“The duration of three-phase supply for farming has been reduced in most parts of the district. Since we experience disruptions at least 7 to 10 times a day, a majority of us spend our time near the pumpsets and waiting for power supply,” says S. Arunachalam, a farmer.

Many farmers in the district have taken up cultivation depending on the borewell water as the Bhavanisagar dam has little storage.

They are now facing difficulties in watering their crop due to the worsening power crisis.

The frequent disruptions in power supply had led to the closure of many small scale units, particularly in the textile sector.

“Quite a number of small units in the district had been closed as they were not able to face the mounting loses. A majority of the medium enterprises are operating at 50 per cent of their capacity and the productivity of these units had come down by 30 to 40 per cent,” points out Erode District Small Industries Association President K.P. Ravichandar.

Officials in Tangedco said that the power situation would improve within a few days.

  • Farmers complain that they are not able to

    operate motor pumpsets continuously

  • The worst-affected in Erode district are students preparing for public examinations