Staff Reporter

THENI: After a gap of eight days, power generation has begun at Lower Camp in Cumbum Valley here on Wednesday, thanks to discharge of water from the Periyar dam.

Public Works Department officials had removed silt deposited in the tailrace pit near the Fore Bay Dam and in four pipes supplying water to the hydel power generators.

To begin with, three turbines have started functioning to generate roughly 80 MW of power since early morning.

Approximately 1,000 cusecs has been discharged from the Periyar dam for power generation.

To step up discharge from the dam, repair work on the fourth generator was on. Normally, officials discharge 1,600 cusecs through the four pipes, 400 cusecs through each pipe, to operate turbines for generating 140 MW of power.

Good flow in pipes would automatically remove silt deposited inside the pipes naturally, said the officials. Despite draining of a huge quantum of water into Kerala through 13-vent spillway, the water level in the Periyar dam stood at 138.7 feet on Wednesday evening.

Heavy rain in the catchments increased the flow into the dam to 5,714cusecs from 4,370 cusecs on Tuesday. Officials in Goodalur and Cumbum municipalities heaved a sigh of relief, as the discharge would help them to streamline drinking water supply.