Kovaipudur residents are bemused at the hide and seek game being played by electricity which has been capricious and unpredictably wayward. While we are moving heaven and earth to reconcile to and cope up with the scheduled power shutdown for protracted periods – nearly seven hours – we now face another irksome situation of “now on and now off” syndrome of power supply at such an alarming frequency, as to throw our lives totally out of gear, especially of students who are in the midst of preparations for their competitive/professional examinations scheduled to be held in November 2008. The basic and prime objective of advance intimation of “power shutdown” during prescribed hours should ipso facto ensure that we get uninterrupted and steady supply of power during the rest of the period which is not to be. In this scenario, a better option for the authorities would be to inform us when power will in fact be available instead of the other way round. Please do something to alleviate our misery.

R. Narayanan,


Migration certificate

The plight of students who have joined the first year post-graduate courses in colleges affiliated to Bharathiar University is pathetic indeed. Those who have done their undergraduate courses in other universities have been asked to submit migration certificates from their respective universities to satisfy eligibility criteria for admission to PG courses (provisional certificate of under-graduation is enough for eligibility). Bharathiar University asks the students to bring migration certificates from universities which are recognised by the University Grants Commission. The concept of migration certificates came into existence when students from abroad were getting admitted in various Indian universities. But this has been misinterpreted by a few authorities in Bharathiar University. Bharathiar University’s order on the migration certificate has caused a lot of troubles for students most of whom have come from Bangalore, Hyderabad and North Indian Universities. I request the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar to look into this and save the students from further torments.

Thiagarajan. B,

Ganapathy Post.

Traffic jam

Even as we appreciate the fast pace of bridge widening work on Sathy Road above the railway lane, traffic jams and accidents during peak hours have become frequent in the spot. With poor lighting and unsafe barriers erected on the sides, it is a nightmare for any driver. The police should divert two wheelers and three wheelers via Avarampalayam Road (since it is easy for two and three wheelers to drive on that road rather than four-wheelers or heavy vehicles) at least during peak hours so that congestion is minimised. Temporary street lights should be erected on the bridge to avoid accidents.

Balasundaram. R,

Ganapathy. (Readers can mail to cbereaders@thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)