Staff Reporter

Tirupur: Collector and Returning Officer C. Samayamoorthy said that postal ballot papers for the officials designated for polling duties would be distributed on Monday for enabling them to exercise their franchise amidst poll responsibilities.

Speaking to ‘The Hindu’ on Sunday, he said that ballot papers would be distributed once the allocation of polling personnel to the booths was completed by means of randomization methodology upon conclusion of the third phase of training given to them on Monday morning. “Postal ballot for the 200-odd service voters in the Tirupur constituency (those who work in armed forces and foreign embassies but have vote in the constituency) have already been dispatched from the district headquarters itself,” he added.

According to the rules, service voters other than those who have opted for proxy voting are only eligible to receive postal ballot. Proper record of all postal ballot papers issued to the polling personnel as well as to the service voters would be maintained in separate files.

He said that Electronic Voting Machines would be dispatched to all the polling stations in the constituency on Tuesday. In a last-minute change, the number of polling stations in Tirupur Lok Sabha constituency had been brought down from 1,304 to 1,302.

Meanwhile on Sunday, all the EVMs were sealed after affixing ballot papers on the ballot unit panel and checking the performance of the machines kept at various storage points, making it ready for dispatch to the booths.

Our Staff Reporter adds from Coimbatore: District Collector and Returning Officer for Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency V. Palanikumar on Friday presided over a session for familiarising the candidates and their agents on insertion of ballot sheets in EVMs. Election observer Vinod Rao and District Revenue Officer S. Prabhakaran took part.