Hundreds of walkers are using the Tharuvai Stadium grounds on George Road in Tuticorin daily. The stadium is poorly maintained by the Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority. There are four halogen lights in the stadium area. In the southern and northern side rooftop, there are two sodium vapour lamps. In the swimming pool area also, there are two sodium vapour lamps. But none of these lights is working. Early walkers, including women, find it difficult to walk in pitch darkness. Only one light inside the swimming pool is switched on which covers only some portion. The long jump pit in the southern side is a haven for stray dogs.

I request authorities to set right these lights.

V. Pandy,


Lift ban on taking soil

It doesn't make any sense that the public are not permitted by government officials of Kanyakumari district to excavate muddy soil from the dried-up irrigation tanks at their expense for productive purpose. The capacity of the tank is augmented, if deepened, and with the result, the tank holds more water for irrigation. It is a boon to the farming community. The district administration should look into this and issue orders lifting such a ban.

K. Chelliah,


Shift TASMAC outlet

Rajakkamangalam is a thickly populated area and a TASMAC outlet Rajakkamangalam is situated near the residences with the result they face nuisance. So the TASMAC outlet may be shifted from the vicinity of Rajakkamangalam to a remote place where no residences are nearby so that public can lead a peaceful life.

V. Kumar,


Improve bus services

Bus services from Tuticorin to places like Tiruchendur, Tirunelveli and Srivaikundam leave a lot to be desired. To begin with, bus frequency is so erratic that buses are either coming in clustered together or not arriving at all for a long duration. Second, there is a heavy rush between these destinations. In particular, most of the students are travelling on this route, especially during early morning and late evening hours. Third, many buses bound for Tiruchendur are crowded because they are mostly coming from the places like Madurai, Kovilpatti, Sivakasi and Virudhunagar. As a result, waiting commuters are put to a lot of inconvenience. Fourth, the Srivaikundam-Tuticorin route is important since many people, including traders, workers, employees and students are frequently travelling in this route.

Will authorities look into this matter?

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Roadside platforms needed

No road in Marthandam has pucca platforms except the one which is put along PPK hospital. Platforms along the roads heading towards market, North Street and Pammam are full of potholes. Pedestrians, particularly school children, find it difficult to walk along.

B. Narayanan,


Get more authorities for enrolment

This refers to the news report on ‘Aadhaar': enrolment launched in HPO' vide The Hindu , dated 6.12.2011. The Unique Identification of Authority of India has launched the AADHAAR (meaning support or foundation) scheme to provide a unique 12-digit id number to all Indian citizens to get financial assistance and other welfare measures of the government. Since only a select few financial agencies have been authorised to enrol for the scheme in Tirunelveli, there is a big crowd in the offices waiting right from early morning. Further, since the daily enrolment is also limited, a number of people standing in the queue for hours together is sent back with disappointment.

Hence, to speed up enrolment, it is requested that all the head post offices in Tirunelveli division and all the branches of the nationalised banks may be authorised as registering authority for the scheme.

S. Nallasivan,


Welcome move

The compulsory helmet wearing practice made effective recently in the TIrunelveli municipal corporation areas by the city Police Commissioner Karuna Sagar is a welcome move. I congratulate him wholeheartedly.

Two wheeler riders in other parts of our state must follow this without expecting the formal announcement from the authorities concerned.

As a human being one must respect and follow traffic rules as a religious code.

S.J. Sylvestine,


Mice menace on train

A few days back I travelled by the Nellai Express from Tirunelveli in the air-conditioned compartment. When the lights were put out and dim light started burning, to our great surprise a colony of mice infested the floor under our feet, running here and there and eating away the crumbs on the floor. A co-passenger complained that he had a bitter experience during his previous journey in Nellai Express that his plastic bag containing some sweets placed below his lower birth was bitten by the mouse and sweets tasted.

This clearly shows that the compartments are not properly cleaned and hygienically maintained.

No doubt that this would lead to spreading of diseases.

I request that the railway authorities concerned should check this and take immediate steps to eradicate the mice menace from the compartments.

J. Baby Harlin,