Special Correspondent

TIRUCHI: All 11 Election Observers appointed to oversee the May 8 Assembly elections have arrived here and began their work on Thursday.

The Expenditure Observer, Ajay Saxena, inspected the filing of nominations on the Collector's Office campus. The Observers could be contacted at the following phone numbers, for any election-related complaints: General Observers: Letkhogin Haokip (Marungapuri constituency), TWAD Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419057/94422 01201, J. C. Rathod (Thottiyam), TWAD Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419057/94422 01202, Musabai Ibrahimbai Patadai (Uppilliyapuram), Corporation Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419095/94422 01203; P.Bharath Singh (Musiri), Corporation Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419094/94422 01204; M.M.Adtani (Lalgudi), Circuit House, Tiruchi, 2419063/94422 01205; Shyamal Kumar Bhattacharya (Srirangam), Corporation Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419096/94422 01206; Badri Narain Sharm (Tiruchi-I), Corporation Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419092/94422 01207; Manoj Kumar (Tiruchi-II), TWAD Guest House, Tiruchi, 2419059/94422 01208 and Rohit R.Brandon, Circuit House, Tiruchi, 2419061/94422 01209. Expenditure Observers: Ajay Saxena (Marungapuri, Thottiyam, Uppilliyapuram, Musiri and Lalgudi), Circuit House, Tiruchi, 2419064/94422 01210; Istikhar Baig (Srirangam, Tiruchi-I, Tiruchi-II and Tiruverambur), Circuit House, Tiruchi, 2419067/94422 01211.