All boards and banners that have been erected in Namakkal will be removed in three days

For the second time in six months all political parties have agreed to strictly stick to the ban on erecting flex boards in Namakkal Municipal limit.

At a meeting that was chaired by the DSP of Namakkal P. Annamalai and Municipal Chairman R. Karigalan it was decided that all political parties and commercial establishments will remove all the boards that have been erected by them in three days time — from Thursday.

“The political parties are playing with the people by enforcing a ban that will permit leading political parties to erect banners for the birthday celebration of their party leader on February 24 and March 1,” says a trader near whose shop one of the many banners has been put up by a party to celebrate their leader’s birthday on Friday.

This was because the decision taken in the all-party meeting on Thursday led to mushrooming of more flex banners of a particular leading party that had planned for a grand celebration on the first of March.

The flexibility in the decision gave them enough time to remove the huge banners in the deadline that was decided during the meeting.

About a week ago municipal authorities removed about 25 flex banners that were erected by various leading state and national level political parties and commercial establishments, after allegations were posed by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam that the municipality was allowing the ruling party in the State to erect flex banners — against the ban — but removed banners that were erected by other political parties.

Six months ago all political parties who took part in a meeting — similar to the one that was organised in Namakkal on Thursday — decided to put an end to banners in the town as erecting huge banners badly affected traders by covering the visibility of their establishments and also caused inconvenience to road users.

Traders and road users have kept their fingers crossed to see how long their decision taken on Thursday would last.

Six months ago all political parties took part in a

meeting on the same issue