The police here have started taking stern action against violators of road rules in the recent past.

According to police sources, the traffic police have registered 17,374 cases for over-speeding, overloading, reckless driving, footboard travel in buses among other offences between January 1 and February 16. Total fine of Rs.21.52 lakh —Rs. 12.49 lakh through spot fine and Rs. 9.03 lakh through fine paid at court — was collector from the violators. Around 7,191 cases were filed during the corresponding period last year, and 4,941 cases in 2011.

The traffic police took action against 1,717 persons on the charges of driving vehicles without licence and registered 1,567 cases for riding with two persons in the pillion, and 834 cases for footboard travelling in buses.

The traffic police had been streamlining the traffic in the town by deploying more personnel at busy road junctions and erecting barricades and medians. Heavy vehicles have been barred from entering two roads that connect Palani Road and Chathiram Street. Metal barricades have been erected on these roads to prevent entry of heavy vehicles.

The introduction of mobile court in Dindigul had helped in punishing violators on the spot.