Pointing out that there are frequent complaints before the court that police were not taking prompt action on complaints about cognisable offences, the Madras High Court has said that sometimes inertia on the part of police to take quick action emboldens criminals to roam with impunity and repeat the crimes.

The casualty is cause of justice. The criminal justice system itself is being ridiculed, observed Justice P.Devadass, while directing the Korattur police here to register a case based on a complaint filed a person. The case before the court was that the police did not take action on a complaint of misappropriation of Rs.10 lakh.

The court observed that police’s timely action would keep criminals under control. But in many cases, either knowingly or unknowingly, they did not adhere to the Cr.P.C and the guidance given to them, resulting in people thronging the High Court by way of petitions for a direction to police to perform their statutory duty.

M.Santhanaraman, counsel for the petitioner, Vetri Medical Agency, Korattur, alleged that Balaji and Ranjith, who were employed as a Bill Clerk and Salesman in the agency, in connivance with Yobu, misappropriated Rs.10 lakh. The crime was a cognisable offence. A police complaint was lodged on May 27 this year, but no action was taken. Hence, the present petition. The Additional Public Prosecutor said the complaint had been received. Police was taking action.

The Judge observed that there were frequent complaints of commission of matrimonial offences against husband, in-laws and the entire family. Sometimes, there were false cases also. Inept handling of the cases by police ruined the lives of young couples and the worst sufferers were innocent children. “In fact, in a way, police stations have also become feeding centres for cases being filed in the Family Courts.”

There was indiscriminate registration of cases, even when no cognisable offences were disclosed. Consequently, there were human rights violations. There were many genuine complaints of misuse of public office and public money; but sometimes failure by police to take quick action emboldened criminals.

In the backdrop of the latest Supreme Court ruling in Lalita Kumari case, a perusal of the complaint in the present case disclosed commission of a cognisable offence. The police was bound to register a case, investigate it and inform the result to the court concerned by way of a report, Mr.Justice Devadass said.

“Police stations have become feeding centres for cases being filed in Family Courts”