The valuation of the Plus-Two examination papers is slowing down in Coimbatore due to staff shortage for some subjects.

Official sources told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the valuation period might be extended for Zoology (English and Tamil medium), Accountancy and Commerce. The valuation began across the State on March 28 and was scheduled to be completed by April 16.

The valuation of Zoology papers was likely to be extended by two days, Commerce by three days and Accountancy by four.

According to the Education Department officials, 86 valuation teams, each comprising a Chief Examiner, a Supervising Officer and six Assistant Examiners, were performing the valuation. A total of 86 Chief Examiners and an equal number of Supervising Officers were heading 86 teams having a total of 516 Assistant Examiners.

The Chief Examiners were required to conduct the valuation only on the first day (March 28), after which the Assistant Examiners had taken over.

While in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business Mathematics and Computer Science, each Assistant Examiner was required to evaluate 24 papers per day, dividing equally in two sessions.

For Biology, the requirement was reduced by four papers since two teachers were needed (bio-botany and bio-zoology).

At least four more teams were required to complete Zoology valuation as per schedule while Accountancy and Commerce subjects required three teams each, the sources added.

An Education Department official said that while all government and private schools have to send staff for paper valuation, many came up with excuses to avoid this duty as it was an intensive work.

Some teachers also complained that the remuneration was also too low considering the heavy workload.