Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The Bahujan Samaj Party has urged the State Government to streamline the fare structure in omni buses, since depending on the crowd the bus operators were fleecing the passengers.

Travelling public, especially during festival season and holidays, are forced to rely on omni buses because of the inadequate seating capacity in government buses and trains.

Depending on the demand, the bus operators were collecting the fare. For example, the fares are hiked two or even three-fold. An omni bus fare from Coimbatore to Chennai ranges from Rs. 420 to Rs. 650, whereas it rules at Rs. 700 to Rs 1,100 during peak period.

Travel agents also block train tickets in bulk and sell them at a premium, thus, denying accommodation for genuine passengers, it said.

Omni bus operators ply even their spare buses during holiday season and festival times using tourist permit, thus, fleecing the passengers.

Such a trend would not only result in fleecing of passengers but would also cause revenue loss to the government.