The demand to make it a halt station is pending for the last 15 years

The need to exploit the tourism potential of the Runneymede station of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) has been emphasised by the Heritage Steam Chariot Trust.

Runneymede located in a scenic spot below Coonoor ceased to be a halt station many years ago.

In an appeal to the General Manager, Southern Railway, the founder of the Trust, K. Natarajan, pointed out that the demand to make Runneymede a halt station was pending for the past about 15 years.

The building has been renovated and basic amenities provided.

There was a loop line and a road approach. If it became a halt station both eco and heritage tourism would get a boost.

Adverting to the conversion of coal fired steam locos to oil fired engines, he claimed that that it had already been pointed out by a top railway official that success cannot be guaranteed. He claimed that its contribution to air and noise pollution was also more.

  • The building has been renovated and basic amenities provided
  • If made a halt station, both eco and heritage tourism will get a boost