With a number of micro and small industries pushed to the verge of closure due to erratic power supply, the Vellore District Micro and Small Entrepreneurs Association has appealed to the government to provide respite from the power cuts to infuse life into the industries. It requested for increase in generator subsidy from 25 per cent to 50 per cent.

The association, in a consultative meeting held at Ambur on Thursday, pointed out that presently, there was only two hours of power supply during the day in Vellore district. As a result of long hours of power cuts, small and micro industries were badly hit and several have been forced to the verge of closing down the units, according to a press release. “For the past 15 days, there is 16 hours of power cut every day. We do not know the schedule of the power cuts. Nobody knows when the power supply will be cut or when it will resume. Unpredictable power cuts have left micro and small industries in the dark,” President of the association M.V. Swamynatthan said. The association appealed to the Chief Minister to increase the subsidy on purchase of new generators from the present 25 per cent to 50 per cent. The association also requested the CM to relax the input VAT on diesel and petrol for operating generators and return the amount as subsidy for the industries. The association adopted resolutions to this effect during the meeting.