Founder of the Tamilaga Vazhvurimai Katchi T. Velmurugan has appealed to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to extend benefits of the special crop insurance scheme to farmers in the Kattumannarkoil and Thirumuttam blocks of Cuddalore district.

In a representation to the Chief Minister, he said that owing to monsoon failure, denial of Cauvery water by the Karnataka government and power shortage which had affected tapping of groundwater, the prospects of samba crop in the delta region had become bleak.

The situation had pushed farmers to the brink of economic crisis. Unable to tackle the situation, 13 farmers across the State had so far committed suicide.

Having realised the plight of the farmers, the Chief Minister had come out with the special crop insurance scheme for the delta farmers.

Following the announcement, farmers had submitted applications to officials of the respective districts in the delta region.

However, officials in Cuddalore district had turned down the applications of farmers in Kattumannarkoil and Thirumuttam saying that these areas did not form part of the delta region.

Such a denial had upset the farmers as they could not get any other means to redress their grievances. It was common knowledge that Kattumannarkoil and Chidambaram blocks were part of the delta region. These blocks were also known as the tail-end delta region.

Mr. Velmurugan pointed out that not less than 37 villages in Kattumannarkoil and Thirumuttam were dependent on agriculture for livelihood.

In Thirumuttam alone, paddy was being raised on 8,500 hectares, sugarcane on 1,900 ha and other crops on 2,500 ha. Therefore, to bail out these farmers, the Chief Minister should also bring them under the purview of the special crop insurance scheme, Mr. Velmurugan said.