Special Correspondent

Govt. urged to pay Rs.8000 per acre

Mannargudi: The Tiruvarur District Farmers' Association has appealed to the state Government to pay a compensation of Rs.8000 per acre of damaged samba crop to the farmers.

In a resolution adopted at its meeting held recently at Mannargudi, it said that farmers who faced drought continuously for four years raised samba crop with the hope of reaping a good yield this year.

But the flood damaged their crops in most parts of the district.

It demanded waiver of all co-operative loans availed of by the farmers from 1993, disbursal of relief through cheques, distribution of relief before election notification, provision of Rs.100 as incentive per quintal of paddy and opening of adequate number of DPCs.

They also demanded relaxation of norms for moisture content in the paddy and procure paddy with moisture content more than 17 per cent.