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They stage demonstration in Tambaram

TAMBARAM: Members of the Viswakarma community staged a demonstration in Tambaram on Monday, seeking land rights and urging the Kancheepuram district administration to ensure that 1.67 acres of land on which they were staying since 1911 was not usurped by vested interests.

More than 50 men, women and children walked from the Camp Road Junction in Selaiyur and gathered on the premises of the Tambaram taluk office. They said that 1.67 acres of land in Selaiyur was given to about five families belonging to their community as `karuman maaniyam' (a grant) in 1911. About 75 families lived there and the number dwindled gradually owing to many factors, mostly threats from outside.

Though they have been urging revenue officials of the Kancheepuram district for pattas since 1970s, their request was not granted. However, revenue records showed they were staying on the land for nearly a century and the land was given to them even before Independence. For the past few years, attempts were made by a group to usurp the land. In August last year, some families were forced out of their homes and there has been little help from the police, revenue and other government departments, members of the Viswakarma Samudhaaya Munnetra Sangam said.

The due rights of the families should be restored by handing over the land to them and proper documents also issued, they added.