The hitherto platform no. 8 in Madurai railway junction has been re-numbered as platform No. 6 with effect from Tuesday.

A statement said that following the yard re-modelling work at Madurai Junction, the erstwhile metre gauge platforms Nos. 6 & 7 have been converted as broad gauge goods train running lines in order to ensure punctual running of passenger trains on platform No. 1 to 5.

Road No. 8 has been nominated for stabling break down and medical relief special train. Road No. 9 has been nominated for engine turn round purposes.

Road No. 10 which was previously called as platform No.8 is re-numbered as platform No. 6.

This new platform No. 6 has direct entry from the western entrance of Madurai Junction.

Presently, Madurai Junction is having six platforms instead of eight for handling passenger/express trains, the statement said.