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Following recent serial burglaries in residential areas The city has been divided into 17 zones; each will be under the control of a sub-inspector of police

TIRUNELVELI: In the wake of recent serial burglaries in Tirunelveli and Palayamkottai areas, the City Commissioner of Police, G. Uma Ganapathi Sastry, has

initiated steps to modernise the police control room and to streamline the functioning of entire police force in the city.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, Mr. Sastry said the city had been divided into 17 zones, each would be under the control of a sub-inspector of police. Every zone had further been divided into sectors each would be manned by a police constable.

The SIs and the constables would patrol along with community volunteers.

"Apart from this, they would also sensitise the public through pamphlets explaining basic preventive steps to be taken and appealing to them to provide information about `locked houses' to the police. The computer simulated face of one of the suspects is being circulated to teashops, public telephone booths and auto drivers," Mr. Sastry said, appealing to the public to contact 100 to the police about the movement of suspicious elements.

He said that proposals had been forwarded to the higher-ups to install a computer with voice logging facility to record the messages received in the control room, Global Positioning System-based Vehicle Monitoring System to locate the police patrol vehicles on move and a highly advanced GSM-based information receiving and dissemination system, which was experimentally introduced during the just concluded

civic polls.

Mr. Sastry reiterated that "systematic, scientific, strenuous and sincere efforts" were being made by all police officers to crack the burglary cases and hence, the public should rally behind the police in apprehending the culprits involved in the daring


While refuting the reports appeared in the media that Rs. 50,000-worth electronic goods was stolen from the house of one Ganesh of Veerabhagu Nagar, that was

burgled on November 14, the Commissioner also clarified that only 12 cases with similar modus operandi had been reported so far this year and not 18 cases as reported.