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Sathanur reservoir opened up for irrigation

Food Minister opens sluice gates of pickup dam

Water will be released in six instalments

Tiruvannamalai: A project has been drafted to link the Then Pennaiyar with the Cheyyaru at a cost of Rs.180 crore and sent for the Union government’s approval, Tiruvannamalai Collector M. Rajendran said.

Speaking at the event organised to open the sluice gates of the Sathanur reservoir for irrigation near here, he said that as many as 30 irrigation tanks situated in the sub-basin of Varaganadhi have been repaired at a cost of Rs.2.48 crore with financial assistance from World Bank during the last three and half years. As many as 47 tanks in the district have been deepened and modernised at a cost of Rs.7 crore with the funding of NABARD, he said.

“Proposals have been sent to World Bank for renovating 28 dams and 58 tanks that come under Thurinjalaru sub-basin and situated in Tiruvannamalai, Kilpennathur, Thurinjapuram, Chengam and Thandarampattu blocks at a cost of Rs.10 crore and for renovating 20 dams and 3 tanks that come under Pambaru and Varattaru sub-basins at a cost of Rs.3 crore, during the next year,” Dr. Rajendran added.

Earlier, Food Minister E.V. Velu has opened the sluice gates of pickup dam, an auxiliary structure of Sathanur Reservoir, from where water would be channelled into left and right bank canals for irrigation.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Velu said that dwindled discharge from upstream and failed monsoon led to insufficient water storage in the reservoir that is why government has truncated the number of days of water release into 44. “Water would be released in six instalments in the stipulated 44 days. Totally 2185.92 million Cubic Feet (MCFt) would be released to the farmers and it would close on April 21. Taking the shortage of water into consideration farmers should prudently utilise it. They should realise their responsibility to ensure that tail areas get water,” Mr. Velu said.

DRO S. Viswanathan, Member of Parliament T. Venugopal, MLA K. Pichandi, PWD-WRO Superintending Engineer A. Kuzhandhaivelu, Executive Engineer G. Vallikandhan were those who participated in the event.