Tamil Nadu, which witnessed loss of over 15,000 lives in various accidents last year, may soon have well-trained trauma care surgeons and medical equipment required to save accident victims if a comprehensive proposal made by a team of doctors becomes a reality.

In the wake of 15,419 lives having been lost in accidents during 2010, a team of doctors drawn from various specialties have prepared a comprehensive proposal that was submitted to the State government recently.

Subsequently, three rounds of discussions were held on executing the proposal effectively to reduce the number of accidents and also avoidable deaths on roads and other places.

Taking the preliminary initiative in this direction, International Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society's (ITACCS) Tirunelveli Chapter, which trained medicos, paramedical staff and surgeons through several workshops, also conducted awareness programmes for the representatives of media, local bodies, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, transport and police departments on things to be done after accidents and the pre-hospital care of victims.

Moreover, three rallies and as many marathons were also organised at Palayamkottai to create awareness among the public on averting accidents and helping the victims in case of emergency.

Helmets were distributed to the villagers of Gangaikondan and Moolaikkarapatti as part of the awareness programmes.

More than murders

“Though the hypersensitive district of Tirunelveli witnesses a good number of persons being murdered every year, the number of lives we lose every year easily surpasses the number of persons exterminated. While 89 persons were murdered in the district during 2010, 408 persons were killed in various accidents. Hence, we conducted these awareness programmes and workshops here to minimise the number of accident victims to the maximum possible extent,” said ITACCS Tirunelveli Chapter secretary S. Venkatesh Babu, an orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr. Babu, along with a group of specialists from various branches of medicine, has submitted a proposal to the Tamil Nadu government on moulding specialised trauma care surgeons with the knowledge assistance from Royal College of Surgeons, London, and also the funding of a few international organisations engaged in this mission across the globe.

“If our proposal is cleared, a comprehensive trauma care procedure, including strengthening of accident relief centres with fully-trained medical and para-medical personnel for every 50 km in Tamil Nadu, will be in place after January that will drastically bring down the fatal accident rate in the State,” said Dr. Venkatesh Babu.