A public interest litigation petition has been filed in the Madras High Court Bench here seeking a direction to the Tiruchi Collector to prevent M. Roshan, one of the joint owners of a popular textile showroom, from constructing a building close to the Malaikottai (Rock Fort).

A Division Bench of Justices P.P.S. Janarthana Raja and M. Duraiswamy on Tuesday directed a Special Government Pleader to take instructions and adjourned the matter to August 23.

The petition was filed by Rock Fort Welfare Association, a private organisation, through its counsel T. Lajapathi Roy.

According to the petitioner, the textile showroom partner had already dug the ground to a depth of 15 feet and erected a concrete pillar very close to the Pallava Cave temple, a protected monument.

The construction work was stopped halfway only recently due to vociferous protests by the local people.