The Physiotherapy Teacher Association of Tamil Nadu has made an appeal to the Government of Tamil Nadu to form a council for physiotherapy like the councils for them that are functioning in Delhi and Maharashtra.

President of the Association S.K. Rajkumar said this to journalists here after a consultative meeting that was held at Tiruchengode on Tuesday.

“A council will give us recognition for our practice and also help us streamline activities of physiotherapy institutions and practice across the State. On par with private hospitals across the State that have a separate physiotherapy department to attend to patients with various ailments, we want the Government of Tamil Nadu to create a post for physiotherapy under the outpatient department,” he said.

The association condemned the alleged derogatory remarks made by top representatives of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council and the Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association in a press meeting that was held in Chennai on March 29.

“Calling physiotherapists ‘quacks’ has humiliated close to 10,000 physiotherapy practitioners and 5,000 students who are pursuing higher education in physiotherapy in the State,” Mr. Rajkumar said.


He said that the association will soon take up this issue legally at the High Court in Chennai if the persons concerned did not apologise and stop making such remarks.

“Physiotherapists from Tamil Nadu are recognised and are successfully running their own centres in developed countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It is sad that we don’t have the same recognition here,” he lamented.

Earlier that day representatives of the association from different parts of the State took part in the meeting and decided to organise various events to attract the attention of the Government to stress their main demand of forming a separate State council for physiotherapy.