The Perunchani dam was closed for irrigation purpose following heavy rain which lashed different parts of the district particularly in the catchment areas on Saturday.

The maximum rainfall of 43.8 mm was recorded at Puthen dam followed by 43 mm in Perunchani, 33 mm in Kannimar, 30 mm in Pechipparai, 28.2 mm in Surulode, 22 mm in Chittar II, 18 mm in Chittar I and 10 mm in Balamore.

The water level in Pechipprai dam stood at 4 feet with the inflow of 268 cusecs of water, 17.45 feet in Perunchani with an inflow of 130 cusecs of water, 2.62 feet in Chittar I, 2.72 feet in Chittar II, 8.40 feet in Poigai dam and 42.65 feet in Mambuzhathuraiyaru dam.