The district administration has asked the political parties and candidates to adhere to the model code of conduct.

Use of vehicles for campaign must be permitted by the election officer. The original copy of the permit shall be pasted to the front glass pane of the vehicle.

The permit of one candidate shall not be used interchangeably by another. In the event of such usage, action would be taken under Sec. 171 H of the Crpc.

Any alteration to the look of the vehicle or enhancing the sound of horns must receive clearance. No campaign shall be held on the premises of aided, partly-aided government colleges or private colleges.

Candidates are forbidden from pasting bills, posters and leaflets on public or private walls.

In the case of private property, the party must produce the written consent of the property owner for the use of her or his property for pasting of campaign materials.

All printed campaign materials should bear the full name, address and phone number of the printer and the press of publication.

According to an administration release, the Election Commission of India has also requested political parties to use environmentally friendly campaign materials and avoid use of plastics and non-degradable flex boards.

Parties may set up temporary offices, which shall not be located on government or encroached on private property; shall not be situated in the vicinity of schools, places of worship, and hospitals. Similarly, no campaign office shall be set up within a 200 meter radius of booths.

Candidates are prohibited from issuing diaries, calendars or stationary items with the picture of the party leader or the candidate etched on it. Procession and public meetings should be carried out with the police permission.