The Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin inaugurated the Rs.83-lakh Periyar Park established on the southern side of the Vellore Fort on Wednesday.

Formed with funds provided by the Department of Tourism of the Government of India, the park comprises a one-km walking path laid with paver blocks, a beautiful lawn fitted with lights, an electrical pumpset to irrigate the lawn and the flowering plants, a tank with a colourful fountain, ground level reservoir and toilet facilities.

The park has features to attract children such as roller-skating ring, ‘waterball', cartoons, and battery-operated mini motorcycles and mini cars. Birds such as ducks, parrots, love birds, ostrich and guinea fowls were being grown in the park. Concrete benches and artistically designed chairs have been provided for the senior citizens, who come to the park for relaxation.

Mr. Stalin also inaugurated the Perarignar Anna Centenary Memorial Arch in the New Bus Stand constructed at a cost of Rs.10.50 lakh with funds provided under the Constituency Development Fund of Vellore MLA, C. Gnanasekaran.