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Thanks to showers in dam site, catchments

Dam site received 124 mm rain

Discharge stepped up to 1,206 cusecs

THENI: The storage level in Periyar dam went up by four feet in just 24 hours owing to manifold increase in the inflow in to the dam, thanks to torrential showers in the dam site and in its catchments.

The storage level in the dam touched 120.10 (Permissible storage level 136 feet) on Thursday.

The dam site received 124 mm rain, highest rainfall this year so far and almost doubled within 24 hours (Wednesday rainfall was 64 mm).

Storage was 2,574 mcft.

Thekkadi received 100.4 mm rain, a four-fold increase in rainfall in the same period. (24.4 mm rain recorded on Wednesday.)

Heavy to moderate showers recorded in several parts of Cumbum Valley.

A sharp increase in the storage level and incessant downpour have encouraged farmers to expedite farm activities in Cumbum valley. Farm labourers in Chinnamanur, Uthamapalayam and Bodi and nearby villages were happy as they will get jobs for next 120 days.

Meanwhile, Public Works engineers too stepped up the discharge to 1,206 cusecs in the evening from mere 200 cusecs.

Water has been flowing in more than 12 irrigation channels in the valley. Earlier, farmers in tail end areas had demanded increase in discharge as water released on Monday did not reach tail end areas till date.

With no water, they could not raise nurseries.

Agriculture officials hoped that the area under paddy cultivation would not shrink this year.

Food production too would not go down.

Already, they had advised farmers to raise hybrid short-term paddy varieties for early harvesting.

Such a measure would help them raise second crop as per schedule.

Inflow shot up to 7,703 cusecs, which was just 2,697 cusecs on the previous day.

Flow would be increased sharply at night as the dam site received heavy down pour on Thursday also, PWD officials said.

However, there was a dip in storage level in Vaigaid dam. With no rain in the dam site, water level came down to 31.73 feet from 31.83 feet. Inflow into the dam was also nil. The discharge was 41 cusecs.


Rain fall recorded at various place in the district at 8 a.m. in mm: Periyar 124, Thekkadi 100.4, Goodalur 25, Uthamapalayam 10, Shanmuganadhi river dam 5 and Veerapandi 1.