Villagers threaten to go on strike to clear encroachments

In a unified and sustained manner Kosur villagers in Karur district successfully forced the authorities to evacuate encroachments that hindered the establishment of a power sub-station at the village. Sensing that their just demand was falling on deaf ears, the villagers had threatened to go on strike if the encroachment was not removed and that clinched the issue.

People from Kosur and surrounding villages had been demanding a power sub station for long as the quality of power supplied from Chinthamanipatti sub station was too weak.

Frequent power cuts beyond any reason even during better periods had made the villagers of Kosur, Thondamanginam and Mathagiri to seek a separate sub station to feed their consumers.

A few years back, a two acre site was identified at Pappanaickenoor near Kosur for establishing a 110/11 KVa sub station to serve the region. The project estimated to cost around Rs. 10 crore was given the administrative nod but could not go any further despite the Revenue Department handing over the land to the Tangedco about two years back. When there was some delay in initiating the preliminary works, some unscrupulous elements encroached upon a portion of the site and even raised building structure on the land.

Protesting the encroachments and the delay in delivering the promised sub station, villagers of Thondamanginam, Mathagiri and Kosur threatened to boycott the 2011 Assembly elections but officials pacified them and secured their back off for the time being then. Later on after forming a joint struggle committee for the sub station the villagers of the region announced recently that they would resort to a hartal, hunger fast and black flag protest in the villages.

Following that Kadavur tahsildar Sadasivam, other Revenue and police officials held discussions with the protesting public and promised to take immediate action on their demand.

Things started moving fast and on Wednesday, officials razed down the structure encroaching on the site allotted for sub station at Pappanaickenoor village and removed the debris paving the way for erection work to begin.

Struggle Committee convener Mahalingam and other office bearers welcoming the clearing of encroachment though belatedly, demand that the Tangedco take expeditious action and get administrative sanction and related orders to erect the sub station quickly. If the officials concerned were to dither any further the villagers would be forced to intensify their struggle, they warned.

  • Land handed over to Tangedco two years back

  • Unauthorised structure razed down after protest