Staff Reporter

General body meeting on January 22

CHENNAI: The People's Conference is set to become a political party after organising Statewide anti-WTO meetings over the past three months.

The party is yet to be registered and will discuss possible electoral alliances in the coming general body meeting on January 22.

K. Saktivel, who will head the party, told pressmen on Tuesday that the party will have a clear people-friendly economic vision. The group has been previously involved in mobilising popular opinion against the World Trade Organisation. Mr. Saktivel has published a booklet about the issue.

"Both the Congress and the BJP have very similar economic agendas. At the State level, the Dravidian parties seem to have a welfare-oriented policies," he said.

The People's Conference was also an alternative to the Left that was primarily concerned about organised labour and did not address the unorganised sector, he added.

The executive committee of the party comprises advocates and students, the two groups the party hopes to mobilise in its favour.