Pensioners must always be grateful to the Chief Minister who is always sympathetic to them. During his tenure a decade back, he announced a gift of Rs. 100. This was revised to Rs. 150 later and Rs. 300 in 2008. It is hoped that the Pongal gift for 2009 would be Rs. 400.

M. Muthuramalingam,


Ask for autonomy

The best course open for LTTE is to follow DMK leaders in Tamil Nadu. After raising various sentiments about language and land, they dropped their agenda of attaining independent Tamil Nadu and opted to contest elections.

They must insist on ‘autonomous Eelam’ instead of ‘independent Eelam.’ The world opinion is against terrorism and elimination of terrorists. Besides, no country in the world has sympathy for the Eelam struggle.

Hence, the LTTE must give up its fright and seek India’s cooperation to achieve autonomy for Tamil Eelam within the framework of Sri Lankan constitution.

A. Vivekanantham,


No post cards

While postcard is the poor man’s mode of communication, it is a pity that it is not available in the main post office at Thisayanvilai for the last one week. Will the post office authorities look into the issue?

M. A. Kaja,


Population explosion

Our country’s population has crossed a billion. The population explosion has resulted in job opportunities becoming scarce and overexploitation of natural resources. After Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi no leader at the Centre has shown interest in keeping the rising population under cheek.

Geographically Australia is four times bigger than India, but its total population is not even 2 crore. Every year well above that number is added to the Indian population. Experts say that western countries would have remained poor had they not controlled population explosion.

Poverty, spread of infectious diseases and increase in crimes are by-products of excess population. Only when population explosion is controlled, people can lead a quality life.

BBC. Chandrasekar,


Dangerous stretch

The road leading towards All India Radio facility from Shanti Nagar on Palamedu road is prone to accidents. Drivers of vehicles, especially lorries, pass through this stretch in a breakneck speed. Pedestrians, particularly children and senior citizens, find it difficult to cross the road.

The Highways Department must erect humps (speed breakers), and those who violate traffic rules brought to book.

T. M. Gnanapragasam,


Interest rate low

The interest offered in post offices for savings bank accounts for senior citizens is very low compared to private and nationalised banks which offer 10 to 11.50 per cent interest for a period of one to three years. The post office savings scheme matures is five years whereas banks offer 10 to 11.50 per cent for a lesser period. The government must review the interest rates to fix them on a par with banks; otherwise most of them will close their accounts and deposit their money in banks. Will the government look into this matter?

G. Sarangan,


Bypass Road full of potholes

The Bypass Road, all the way from Fatima College junction to Palanganatham, is in an extremely bad condition.

Besides many business establishments, the head office and depot of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Madurai region) are situated on this stretch.

The road is full of potholes and there is no proper lighting on both sides. Two wheeler riders, especially with pillion riders, find it difficult to ride because of the huge potholes. Since it forms part of a busy National Highway, proper attention must be paid immediately to renovate the road in a scientific manner. I request the National Highways authorities to take immediate steps in this regard.

R. G. Rethinam,