This year’s Elders’ Day was celebrated by the senior citizens on 17.12.2009 with high expectations. The Central Government is not taking a lenient stand towards the cause of the senior citizens. The Government is very rigid and denies the demands of the senior citizens even if the management of the respective PSUS recommends the rightful demands of their senior citizens. One applicant under RTI Act is informed that it is not mandatory for the Government to accept and act upon recommendations of the management.

N. Kasilingam,


Poor sanitary facilities

This refers to the poor sanitary facilities on the premises of the famous Murugan Temple in Tiruchendur. First and foremost, it is not uncommon to see the rubbish and waste being scattered all over the premises.

Though garbage bins are available, most of the time the results are the other way round in which the waste materials are spilling over the trash bins.

Second, the public urination is another nuisance and this issue should be looked into without delay.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Tsunami relief work

Many villages on the seashores have been identified for housing under tsunami relief work in Kanyakumari district. Thekkurichy, the biggest village under Rajakkamangalam panchayat, is one of the beneficiaries.

Barring terrace houses, other tiled houses have been earmarked under this scheme. As many as 121 houses have been slotted for tsunami housing relief work but till date no action seems to have been taken to demolish and carry out construction work.

V. Kumar,

Thekkurichy, Kanyakumari district.