Heated arguments between persons from two groups came to an end after the Sub-Collector of Namakkal chaired peace talks n Monday.

Police sources said that a language school was started by a group at Ganeshapuram on the Tiruchi Road in Namakkal Town in 2006.

Sources said that in due course, they started worship and began using loudspeakers for the purpose about six months ago. “This raised concerns from persons of another group, following which they submitted a petition to the Collector. While the issue was yet to be addressed, persons of one group placed an idol near the place of worship for the persons of the other group on Monday,” they added.


The issue was taken to the police, who came to the spot and asked the persons who placed the idol to remove it from the public place following which it was removed.

Sub-Collector Ajay Yadav, who chaired the meeting, asked the members from the two groups to refrain from using loudspeakers on a daily basis.