This Deepavali season, Karur public could enjoy a hassle-free shopping in the main Jawahar Bazaar and Bus Stand areas as the choking pavement vendors have been banned from spreading their wares on available space in the town to the detriment of all.

Instead the Karur Municipality has provided them ample space at the Municipal Thiruvalluvar Playgrounds in the heart of the town.

The move is a welcome development as it spares the public of all travel troubles within the town even as it gives the poor pavement vendors and the shopping public a reserved space exclusively for the purpose.

Every year around the festive time, the main business thoroughfares in Karur including the Jawahar Bazaar, the Bus Stand area, the arterial Kovai Road, Sengunthapuram, Pasupathypalayam, Thanthonrimalai and such other localities of the town would be hemmed in by traders of all hues on either side leaving little space for traffic movement, resulting in frequent traffic chaos and exposing the public to petty crimes.

Public and the police have always sought some remedy to the unsavoury situations arising out of the haphazard establishment of pavement shops on all and sundry places in the town.

But this Deepavali time, it is a different case altogether as the Karur Municipality decided not to allow the pavement vendors to spread their wares wherever they desire unmindful of the inconvenience to the public.

While banning establishment of pavement shops on the main business streets, the Municipality has provided them space at the Municipal Thiruvalluvar Playgrounds in the middle of the town.

At a meeting the civic body top officials including Chairman M.Selvaraj had with other district officials including Karur DSP Manokaran, and Tahsildar Balasubramanian here on Wednesday it was decided that the pavement vendors must be allowed space only at the Thiruvalluvar Playgrounds and all facilities must be provided to them at the venue itself.

In doing that, public would be spared of a lot of troubles including moving through the maze of pavement shops and parting with their precious money to some unscrupulous elements among other things.

Municipality sources said that between 500 and 700 pavement vendors would pitch tents at the Thiruvalluvar Playgrounds to sell various things.

Drinking water, sanitation, public hygiene, law and order, fire safety and all such important aspects would be taken care of by the respective agencies at the playgrounds, the sources observed.

Over 500 hawkers would pitch tents at the Thiruvalluvar Playgrounds to sell different wares