A ‘Super School’ has announced they were conducting admissions only for those who scored more than 490

Parents thronged the state rank-producing ‘Super Schools’ for a berth in Plus One here on Friday.

Increasing demand for the schools here — created by parents and students — has led to a situation where it is not enough if they score more than 96 per cent (eligibility for a free seat in previous years) or if they were ready to pay huge fees.

One ‘Super School’ in Namakkal announced they were conducting admissions only for those who scored more than 490 (98 per cent).

“This school offered free education and hostel accommodation for those who scored more than 496 (99.2 per cent). Free tuition fees is offered to those who scored 494 or 495 marks while others have to pay Rs. 2 lakh per year. No other discounts or concessions below that score,” parents of R. Siva of Karaikudi who scored 486 (97.2 per cent) marks, said.

“Spending Rs. 4 lakh for two years — including Rs. one lakh each for tuition and hostel fees for each year — is more than the management quota fees that we have to pay for our son to study engineering in a good college”, R. Ragu a parent from Kumbakonam said. Due to these reasons, not all parents of students who scored more than 490 were happy though the school was ready to admit their wards.

For R. Kumar who scored 489 marks (97.8 per cent) and his parents the joy of scoring high lasted only for a brief while as the school where they were waiting for hours before the results were announced revised the eligibility norms for fees concessions from 485 to 495 minutes after the announcement of results.

“We are not here for a free seat. But fleecing us with Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum even after scoring so high is disappointing,” M. Leena of Tirunelveli lamented.

The management of a ‘Super School’ said they had raised the admission cut-off mark to 490 on the first day after they came to know that hundreds of students across the state scored more than 490.

“Despite the high fees quoted by us, we were able to enrolled more than 250 students with the score till afternoon.

Students who scored lesser should come for admissions on the date specified for them on our school website,” he added.

Parents from various districts waited in long queues from as early as 2 a.m. with the hope of getting a berth for their wards in the ‘Super Schools’, which could help their children score a cut-off and join professional education after two years. Some schools made admissions easier by helping them take printouts of the marksheets and earmarking admission points based on the marks scored by the students — above 490 and 480 to 489. Some ‘Super Schools’ arranged food (breakfast, lunch and tea) at a nominal price for the parents and students.

However, the admission process of ‘Super Schools’ and the ‘attitude’ of the school managements surprised a few and shocked many parents who had made a beeline to these institutions.