Last week, I booked my bicycle through railway parcel service from Kulithalai Junction to Tiruchi Junction. The next day I went to delivery office at Junction, I was told that the bicycle was dropped at Fort Station instead of Junction and would come the next day. It took three days journey from Kulithalai to Tiruchi Junction. Why is this negligence in railway parcel service?

R. Mohan Kumar

Parvathipuram. Musiri.

Ration complaint numbers

In order to complain about the supply of essential commodities in ration shops, the phone numbers of authorities like TSO, DSO and Collector should be published in the dailies.



What about service?

For the financial year 2008-09, Tiruchi Corporation will be getting an additional Rs. 8 crore through increased tax from April 1 this year on houses, commercial and industrial units. The Corporation has the right to increase tax but the same corporation should ponder whether genuine grievances of the public are being redressed within a reasonable time. No sweeper is available to clean the streets, no lorry is coming to interior areas of ward no.38. Many roads and streets are unfit to use. Will the Corporation realise its responsibility?

P. R. Krishnan,

Ayyappa Nagar.

Bad roads

Through this column, representations have been made to relay the roads connecting Thillainagar Main Road and Sastri Road, particularly the 11th Cross Road which is in a very very bad shape.

Two wheeler riders in particular find it difficult to traverse because of its bad condition.

S. Mahesh,


Neglect of southern districts

Recently, a well-meaning group of people in their conference in Madurai pointed out that all developments, investments and industrial growth took place in and around 100 km from Chennai, thus neglecting other southern areas of Tamil Nadu. During the 1960s, industrialisation took place in almost all districts. The present government should in the next three years direct all proposed investment for industrialisation in other parts of Tamil Nadu. Such a step will help decongest Chennai and many benefits will accrue to the people in southern Tamil Nadu.

T.M. Renganathan,


Indifferent ticket staff

When I went to get a ticket to travel from Tiruchi to Mayiladuturai by the Mayiladuturai Express on October 30 (it was exactly 1 p.m.), a woman staffer at the counter told me that the train had already left. The scheduled departure of the train was 1.05 p.m. When I made enquiry, I was informed that the train had not left. When I returned to the staffer, she again said that the train had already left. The train was very much on platform 3 and was visible from the counter. She issued the ticket only after much hesitation. The irony is that the train left Tiruchi junction only at 1.15 p.m. on that day. Why are the railway staff so indifferent?

S. Rajangam,

Madurai Road.

Temple claim on land

A most unfortunate exercise is going on in Srirangam, perhaps due to bureaucratic activism. It appears, temple authorities claim that the land in the most part of Srirangam town is owned by the temple. Almost all the present owners of houses in the affected area acquired the property by legitimate sale deeds, duly executed by the previous owners and got registered. If at all there was any encumbrance why did the government register such sale deeds and regularise the deals? What was the temple doing all these years? The present owners have paid through their nose and acquired the property. In all fairness, they should not be penalised for no fault of theirs. It is high time the State Government rendered justice.

Dalmiapuram Gannesan,


Parity rule

Pension ministry’s recent claim that the parity rule admitted by Government Resolution for implementation corresponding to the pre-revised scale is to be implemented without reference to the pre-revised scale of the pensioner’s retirement, is fallacious. The question, of implementing the parity rule irrespective of the pre-revision pay scales in the pay band, does not arise since the parity rule stands liked to the minimum pay of the post held by the retiree at the time of retirement, as revised by the Fifth Pay Commission which is now termed as pay [drawn] in the pay band.

M. Jayashree,



In implementing Sixth Pay Commission recommendation of modified parity to revise pension equal to 50 per cent of the minimum of the pay in the pay-band and grade-pay thereon corresponding to pre-revised pay scales, Department of Pension and pensioners’ welfare, in its OM dated 03.10.08, has chosen inappropriately the concordance table of revised pay bands and grade pay for posts carrying present scales instead of using appropriate fitment concordance table ordered in annex to Finance Ministry O.M dated 30.08.08 containing pay in the pay band plus grade pay for each pre-revised scales required in this matter.

S. G. Prasaad,

T. V. Koil

Arrears payment

The Pension Ministry should see to it that the payment of arrears to the pensioners who are mostly senior citizens and who are in the evening of their life, is made in a single instalment, and not in two, so that they may enjoy the benefits of the VI Pay Commission recommendations in their lifetime itself. This would help the aged pensioners to meet the ever increasing cost of health care.

P. Paramasivam,


Replace bad buses

TNSTC city buses bound for OFT, Police Colony and HAPP are converted to city buses. The condition of such buses is very poor. More passengers could not be accommodated. During peak hours, it is very difficult to read the place of destination. OFT, HAPP, Police Colony areas are very far from city limit. Passengers can not travel comfortably. Why can’t the transport authorities introduce new city buses for these areas? More vestibule buses to these areas will be helpful. As these areas are developing, more city buses are required. Converted city buses must be avoided. S. Rajagopal,

O.F.T. Estate.

RC books better

Regional transport authorities were issuing vehicle registration certificates in the form of books which were handy. But for the last few years, the regional transport authorities are issuing certificates which is very difficult to carry and gets damaged. During the selling of the vehicle, the authorities find it difficult to write details regarding the transfer. I request the authorities to return to the old R.C books.

G. Rajesh Gopal,

OFT Estate.