Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta on Saturday announced the formation of a three-member panel to certify advertisement of political nature on television channels and cable networks.

In a release here, he said the committee with Joint CEO P. Senthilkumar as chairman and Chennai Collector N. Muruganandam and Assistant Station Director of Chennai Doordarshan Kendra T. Rajendran as members was formed as per the directions of the Supreme Court and the Election Commission.

The District Election Officers (DEOs) were declared "designated officers" for entertaining applications for certification of an advertisement proposed to be issued on cable networks or television channels by candidates. The DEOs would be assisted by one of their officers.

Another panel, with Special CEO C.P. Singh as chairman and Observer Piduru Raghavendra Rao and Station Director of Chennai station of All- India Radio R. Balasubramanian as members, was appointed to go into complaints and grievances of any political party or candidate or any other person on the decision made by the district or state-level committee to grant or refuse certification of an advertisement.

He asked all registered political parties having their headquarters in the State to submit their applications for certification of any advertisement three days prior to the date of commencement of the telecast. Any other person or unregistered parties should submit applications not later than seven days.

The applications should be submitted, in the prescribed format, with two copies of the proposed advertisement in the electronic form with duly attested transcript. The application should contain, among other things, details of the cost of production and the approximate cost of the proposed telecast. A statement that all the payment should be made by way of cheque or demand draft also should be enclosed.