KARUR: An antique panchaloha idol, presumably belonging to the 12th century, was unearthed from the Amaravathy riverbed at Melapalayam near here.

R. Shanmugam (35) and V. Nataraj (39) of Melapalayam village, working in a brick kiln near by, were proceeding to the river to take bath on Tuesday when they stumbled on a foot high idol from the stagnant waters on the river bed. They took the idol to the kiln owner P. Manimohan who in turn deposited it with the Pasupathypalayam police and Tahsildar R.A. Dharmaraj who handed it over to the Curator of the Government Archaeological Museum here Soundararajan.

Mr. Soundararajan classified if as made of panchaloha (aimpon).