Install traffic signal

With the opening of the Veinthankulam new bus stand in Tirunelveli, traffic congestion at the southern end of South Bypass Road has increased. Numerous accidents occur at the junction near the petrol bulk where the bypass road and the Trivandrum Road join narrowly. Speeding vehicles from southern side through the Trivandrum Road, vehicles from the new bus stand and other vehicles plying in the same road cross at this small inter-junction. As there is no automatic signal or traffic police there, motorists and two-wheelers cross the junction least worried about the vehicles coming from all directions.

Hence, an automatic signal may be installed in the traffic island in the above junction with the required traffic police so that motorists and two-wheelers may cross the point without any fear of any accident.

S. Nallasivan,


Paddy cultivation in Kanyakumari district for the second crop season remains suspended for long, as desilting in feeding channels cuts down water supply. Such work should have been carried out during the summer.

If done so, farmers would not have been driven to a situation when seedlings in farms for transplantation are withering away for want of water. The district administration should look into this issue in future.

K. Chelliah,


Wear helmets

The number of two-wheeler accidents in Tirunelveli district is on the increase in recent days and the regional newspapers bring out such major or minor accidents almost every day. In most of the cases, non-wearing of helmet while riding on a motorcycle is the cause for death.

Wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler must be made compulsory at least within the city limits. To start with, traffic officials may come forward to wear helmets while riding and set an example to others.

R. Donjeba,


Halt all buses

With the introduction of TSS, SSS, SFS and V Fast by the TNSTC, these buses do not halt at Thekkurichy junction inconveniencing passengers and students. Though approval of the TNSTC, Nagercoil, has been accorded, the crew is not complying with the instructions.

Hence, the TNSTC may instruct crew to halt at Thekkurichy junction.

V. Kumar,


Save rainwater

In the last two days, almost all dailies highlighted flooding in residential areas as well as roads.

The earth absorbs downpour and increases its groundwater level.

We have tampered with the mechanism.

In a house, every available area is cemented.

All interior roads in the streets are either blacktopped or concreted preventing groundwater absorption.

Stormwater drains and open channels are clogged with polythene bags and plastic bottles blocking flow.

Year after year, huge investments are made in repairing roads after monsoon rain.

A total ban on carry bags and implementation of a well-designed rainwater harvesting system in housing colonies and government and corporate buildings are need of the hour.

J. Edison Devakaram,