Considering the ever growing traffic on the roads in the district and the lack of effective monitoring, trucks overloaded with goods are proving to be serious hazard.

Hundreds of overloaded trucks can be found plying on the highways passing through the district every day including Coimbatore-Sathyamangalam –Mysore highway, Karur – Erode road and Sathyamangalam – Erode road. But these trucks are not being checked anywhere by the police for violation of traffic rules.

On several occasions, lorries overloaded with bundles of textile goods and construction materials enter the town limits during the peak hours, leading to traffic congestion. Though policemen were present on the road, these trucks were rarely being stopped for violation of rules.

Overloaded trucks also continue to be a perennial problem in the Dhimbam ghat section of the National Highway connecting Dindigul and Mysore.

Traffic disruption

Trucks carrying loads beyond permissible limits often break down on the ghat road that has 27 hairpin bends, disrupting traffic for hours together.

These vehicles carry more than 35 tonnes when they are supposed to carry only 16 tonnes to 20 tonnes, the police officials here pointed out.

“Overloading has led to the toppling of a number of vehicles on the stretch. These vehicles also pose a hazard to approaching vehicles in blind corners and it is very difficult to control them, particularly while going downhill,” a police official said.

The police officials said they were taking efforts to prevent the entry of overloaded vehicles on Dhimbam ghat road.

"Though we continue to take action against the violators, truckers continue to carry loads beyond the permissible limits," they say.