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Consumption of contaminated water is said to be the reason

Preventive and control measures taken All overhead tanks cleaned Collector tells public to consume only boiled water

Dharmapuri: As many as 76 persons from Melpurikal village near Thoppur were admitted to the Thoppur Primary health centre (PHC) and Dharmapuri Government Hospital following an outbreak of viral fever on Friday. Since Thursday villagers from Melpurikal and surrounding villages have been approaching the Thoppur PHC with complaints of high and persistent fever. Consumption of contaminated water is said to be the reason behind the present outbreak of viral fever. Blood samples of the patients were taken and sent to Institute of Vector Control and Zoonoes (IVCZ) in Hosur.

According to hospital sources, a team of doctors and paramedical staff has been stationed at the village to handle any emergency situation and to supply treated water. All affected persons were given treatment by a team of doctors from primary health centres and Government Hospitals in the district.

Preventive and control measures were also taken which included cleaning up of all overhead tanks which supply drinking water, chlorination of all drinking water source with bleaching powder by the Village Panchayat and proper disposal of garbages and other waste materials by the village panchayat.

The Collector has given directions to the Municipal Commissioner of Dharmapuri and all village panchayat presidents to keep adequate stock of bleaching powder, phenyl, lime powder and emergency drugs, including IV fluids etc in all Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres to tackle any emergency situation.

The Collector has appealed to the public to consume only boiled water.