More than 1.2 lakh drought-affected farmers have been issued photo identity slips in Perambalur district to collect a relief amount of Rs 50.66 crore.

According to a release from Darez Ahmed, district collector, Chief Minister Jayalaliithaa has ordered a relief of Rs 60.79 crore to 1.58 lakh farmers in the district who have suffered a crop loss of more than 50 per cent.

Since May 2, distribution of relief is being carried out through the 52 primary agricultural co-operative banks (PACBs). This distribution is done after the issue of photo identity slips to farmers by the village administrative officers. Farmers can collect the relief amount from the PACBs using the slips and there is no necessity for them to submit any computerised chitta copy at the PACBs.

So far more than 94,000 farmers have collected a relief amount of Rs 42.15 crore.