Vital organs from two persons, who were declared brain dead following accidents, were harvested at a city hospital.

Raju (31) from Pudukottai district, who was working at Kovaipudur here, met with an accident and was brought to Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH) where he was declared brain dead on April 23.

V. Ramesh, vice-president of KMCH, said that after getting the concurrence of Raju’s family the organs were harvested on April 24 by a team of doctors from Global Hospital, Chennai, and KMCH.

Both the kidneys were given to KMCH, the heart valves to Madras Medical Mission, the eyes to Aravind Eye Hospital and the liver to Global Hospital.

A 64-year-old resident of Vellakoil in Erode, Thangaraj, was admitted to KMCH on April 23 after an accident. He was declared brain dead the next day and the harvesting of organs was done on Thursday at KMCH.

A team of doctors from MIOT Hospital, Chennai, and KMCH harvested the organs. Both the kidneys were donated to KMCH, eyes to Aravind Eye Hospital, and liver to MIOT Hospital, Chennai.

In both the cases, the retrieved organs were transplanted in the needy patients, Mr. Ramesh said.

Earlier, he said that the organs were harvested from a 15-year-old boy, V.N. Dhiyaanesh, from Ramanathapuram here who fell down while playing in a theme park.

He was declared brain dead on April 16 and harvesting of organs was done on April 17.