Special Correspondent

COIMBATORE: Organised training in endoscopy to reduce complications was the main focus of the a conference on ‘Safe Endoscopy' held by the Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists (IAGE) and Rao Hospital in the city on Sunday.

Outlining the purpose of the conference, Director of the hospital S.R. Rao said laparoscopic surgeries were being performed in India for the past three decades. Many of the early surgeons were self-taught. With more difficult surgeries being performed, there was an increase in the number of complications.

The conference provided an ideal platform for experts from various parts of the country to discuss safer methods of endoscopy. The rise in consumer protection awareness among patients made the medical fraternity more cautious and circumspect, he added.

Inaugurating the conference, Vice-Chancellor of Amritha Viswa Vidya Peetam P. Venkat Rangan said that with technology advancing rapidly, there was the possibility of books becoming obsolete even before they were published.

Therefore, such conferences offered a lot of scope for the sharing of experiences, greatly benefiting the participants.

The advancements in various areas of technology had helped the medical fraternity perform complex surgeries. While the growth of areas like artificial intelligence had been rapid, the intelligence of the human mind continued to baffle everyone.

The medical profession offered doctors an opportunity to alleviate pain. He appealed to doctors to uphold human values of love and compassion that would only bring real value to their service.

Delivering the Insight '10 Oration, president of IAGE Rakesh Sinha explained how safe endoscopy would be the underlying theme of all the conferences of the association next year.

India now had nearly 260 million people below the poverty line and about 360 million without literacy.

While health care for all had to be a priority, there was no organised training programme on endoscopy in the country.

Dr. Sinha said there was a need for each medical professional to have extensive training before taking up endoscopy The association would soon accredit hospitals in the country for taking up training in endoscopy, he said.

A public forum on “Woman's Health –Managing the Milestones” was held later as part of the conference. Experts, including organising chairperson of the conference Asha Rao, fielded questions on the topic from the public.