People in Thanjavur district, particularly those in Orathanadu taluk, have welcomed the government's announcement that a veterinary college will be started at Orathanadu.

The announcement was made while the State budget was presented recently. With two cattle farms — one at Orathanadu and the other at Eachankottai, 15 kms from Orathanadu — the place is ideally suited for starting a veterinary college, it is felt. Moreover rearing livestock is an allied activity of agriculture in the three delta districts of Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam.

Veterinary department officials said that a State government cattle farm was situated at Orathanadu on 196 acres.

At the farm, 116 Murrah buffaloes, and 790 Giriraja chicken (under a Centre-sponsored scheme) were being reared. Giriraja chicks were being supplied to farmers. Exotic cattle breeding farm at Eachankottai was one of its kind in the State. It had been established on 1344.60 acres. This farm had been rearing Jersey cows, Jersey cross bulls, Murrah buffaloes (bulls) and Umblachery bulls. The main function of the farm was to supply semen straws for artificial insemination.