The words ‘all pass’ may make school students jubilant. But these words annoy the Opposition councillors in Krishnagiri Municipality as the chairman, K.R.C. Thangamuthu, uses them at every council meeting.

According to the Opposition councillors, Mr. Thangamuthu declares ‘all pass’ as soon as the council meeting begins and leaves for his chamber without giving the members an opportunity to raise public issues.

Stating that the chairman was denying them their democratic rights, 12 councillors (nine from DMK, two Congress and one DMDK) met District Collector Pooja Kulkarni recently and submitted a memorandum in this regard.

The Collector assured the members to review the conduct of the council meetings and take suitable action.

In the memorandum, the members alleged that Mr. Thangamuthu was not following the procedures in awarding contracts for works related to providing basic amenities for people.

Kadalarasu alias Murthy of DMK said that in five council meetings, the rights of the peoples’ representatives to raise issues of public importance were denied.

The meeting that should have been conducted once a month was being held twice a month by the chairman, he alleged.