Staff Reporter

COMBATORE: The hotel industry is booming worldwide, said P.V.Pradeep, Executive Chef of The Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai.

Interacting with students of Catering Science and Hotel Management at the Hindusthan College of Arts and Science on Wednesday, he said that with the culture of eating out having caught on globally, the demand for manpower for the hotel industry had also been on the rise.

International chains

With international hotel chains expanding their services to India, the opportunities for employment in the country particularly were plenty, he said. Airlines and cruise-liners also provided a lot of scope for employment. The Indian Railways had also started an organised catering system, which would be beneficial both for the public and those who were seeking jobs in the service industry, he added.


Mr. Pradeep shared his professional experiences in London, Lebanon and Dubai. Though he had travelled to various parts of the world, the Indian cuisine appealed to him the most. “Indian cuisine gives a lot of scope for experimentation,” he said. The executive chefs had the liberty to bring in innovations in recipes. The customer’s satisfaction was all that mattered, he said. Also, the Indian cuisine was becoming very popular worldwide, he added.

Hard work

If students had the willingness to work hard and create a name for themselves, the industry was more than ready to give them a chance. In Dubai, for instance, 300 five-star hotel chains had come up in the last three years alone, he pointed out.